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Why choose TLC Speech Therapy?

TLC Speech Therapy is a Tender Loving Caring private practice dedicated to making
a positive difference in the lives of children and their families. We provide quality
services to children birth-16 that have a variety of communication disorders. Families
and children feel comfortable in our warm and welcoming atmosphere.

At TLC Speech Therapy we believe that a partnership with families is one of the
essential components of your child’s program. We take time to truly hear your concerns
and address them with a personal touch. Parents are encouraged to learn and participate
in therapy sessions. Individualized activities are provided to use at home, in order to help facilitate communication skills and reduce duration of treatment. Parents are offered
materials from our lending resources to carryover skills at home that were targeted
during the session. We also collaborate regularly with other professionals to maximize
the individual progress of each child.


How do I know if my child would benefit from therapy?

Does your child have difficulty...


Early identification and treatment can prevent problems with behavior, learning and social interactions. It can promote positive self esteem, academic achievement and friendships.